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  1. Leena Anderson says:

    Saw your story on Australian Story. Gayle you are absolutely stunning. Mac, thank you for the love and care you give to Gayle. Truely taking the โ€œFor better or for worse, in sickness and in health vowsโ€, seriously. Gayle thank you for the humility that you show in allowing Mac to do so many of the โ€œself-careโ€ tasks for you that other women take for granted. Gayle thank you for your courage and strength. Thank you both for your courage and strength. You guys are awesome!

  2. MISS CATHY GALL says:

    To Gayle and Mac your both a beautiful couple seeing you on Australia story.
    Do hope your both well
    I live at TAROOM and know your lovely sister
    From Cathy Gall

  3. Sandy Archer says:

    Bless you both, so lovely to catch up with your lives on Australian Story again. Thankyou for opening up your privacy. You are truely both inspirational. Wishing you both continued happiness and health.

  4. geoffrey smith says:

    Dear Gayle and Matt
    Your story of true determination and courage is no doubt one of inspiration to us all as it shows that through true adversity one can still see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel!.

    Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts with our great nation.

    Kindest regards

  5. Dear Gayle and Matt,
    Thank you for sharing your story last night; a great lesson of love, courage, resilience and humility.
    Next time you are around Brisbane please visit us, we would love meeting you.
    Fabrice and Meggy

  6. David Dale says:

    Mac and Gayle, just saw your story on Australian Story. You both are what being Australian is about… courage, commitment, drive and determination. I was touched by your story. It is inspiring in every way. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Phillip Wiley says:

    Dear Matt and Gayle,
    Thank you thank you. Your lives shared on Australian Story has always inspired me from that first episode. Bless you both for sharing with us. As usual I had a dammed good cry on the latest update. As a teacher of young people I sometimes use your story of anything is possible if you want it. Bless you both. Kindest Regards Phillip

  8. JULIE HAYES says:

    I’ve just watched your Australian Story. I am truly lost for words. What a real man you are Mac. The man of a lifetime. To be honest, you’re really the Power Couple of a lifetime. A shocking, yet amazing story. I wish you eternal happiness, courage and strength. (please do not waste any of your valuable time in replying, I would much rather you spend quality time with each other ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Jenny Watson says:

    I was so very moved by your story. It has given me determination to face whatever may lie ahead in my life. You are such a wonderful couple, so very devoted to each other. Mac, you are such a gentleman, so selfless you are an inspiration to the world. Bless you Both.

  10. Melanie Mallamace says:

    Wow! You two are just wonderful! The love you have is a gift to treasure. Congratulations on all your achievements and on your commitment to each other. You’ve inspired me incredibly and thank you for sharing your story.

  11. James Wall says:

    G’day Mac & Gayle, My wife and I too know you via Australian Story. We were overjoyed to see that you continue to be an inspiration to Australians everywhere. You represent all that is good about the bush. Best wishes for a continuing successful future.

    James and Gillian

  12. Kallista Bolton says:

    Thankyou for sharing an update on Aust Story recently, I was so moved by your first appearance. You are both such an inspiration to have adapted so well after the trauma. What a beautiful couple. What a man, what a husband. Best wishes for the future and thankyou again for sharing your story. Kallista

  13. Ryan says:

    Hi Guys,been keeping an ear out as to what you guys are up to for some time now since the accident, I know Gayle has been through hell, but geez Mac your the man I want to be! If I could have a tenth of your strength, attitude and commitment I would die a happy man. Keep up the good work guys, your an inspiration to us little people. Cheers Ryan

  14. Di L says:

    Hello Mac and Gayle, Since your 1st OZ STORY program, I have been a ‘fan’ of yours as I’ve learnt how life is for you both these days – you are to be admired and I trust that whatever life brings you will survive. I’m looking forward to OZ STORY’s program tonight (15/6/15). Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Kirsty Sinclair says:

    What champions you both are. Amazing inspirational people. All the best to both of you. Kind regards, Kirsty, Graeme & Campbell

  16. Jennifer says:

    Your An Amazing Couple.The Australian Story was heart breaking. I too Love the Stock horses and I do hope you can ride one day. Lots of Love to u Both for the Strength u Both Have the way u go about things. All the Very Best

  17. Chris Theo says:

    Hi Mac & Gayle, I just watched Australian Story & I wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you both are. I have thought about you both a lot since the first story & have often wondered how you were both fairing. I am so happy to learn that you are both doing so well. You truly represent the true aussie spirit & you both deserve to live long, happy & fulfilling lives. All the best.

  18. Cate says:

    Dear Mac and Gayle
    I have seen all Australian Story episodes about you. It is a truly amazing story and one that shows what a wonderful couple you are. Such strength and determination.
    I wish you both the best for now and the future. You have done so much despite the difficulties that life has presented you with.
    Wishing you a wonderful life together, you deserve this.

  19. James says:

    Gayle. It has taken me many years to send this message.
    About 30 years ago I found myself in the exact same situation as you. Young and silly, I was too close to the drive shaft on a linkage digger, building our house fence on our place outside Roma where I live with my own family now. Only the shaft caught my jeans and it just ripped them off me like toilet paper off a roll. What saved me was my jeans were old and rotten and they ripped easily.
    It frightened me at the time and didn’t think much more about it.

    I watched your first Australian Story all those years ago and it really put my situation into perspective. I was just lucky that day and seeing you on TV tonight has reminded me of it again.

    I love my horses too and I don’t know how I would feel if I couldn’t ride.

    I admire you and Mac Gayle. All the very best.


  20. Josh and Nadia says:

    Dear Gayle and Mac,

    My partner Nadia and I both watched the Australian Story special that you were featured on tonight and were absolutely in awe of you both! Both of us being finishing physiotherapists, we have a pretty reasonable understanding of many (but certainly not all!) of the challenges that you face every day. What was amazing for us to see was the support that you both give to each other through thick and thin. It really seems like that support and understanding goes in both directions too!
    We loved your commitment to your lifestyle when you decided to stay on the farm with the horses (Nadia is nuts about them even after having a horse-related accident!) and thought it showed real guts! You are both role models for adapting your lives to suit your situations, and not just physical rehabilitation, but also rehabilitation of your lifestyle, goals, dreams and inspiration!

    Congratulations on your amazing relationship, and kudos for setting such a fine example for anyone that comes up against adversity in life to follow.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    Josh & Nadia

  21. Jenni P - Skyview Stud, SA says:

    So proud of you both. Hang in there guys and best of luck with your horses and cattle xxx

  22. Pat Scanlan says:

    Cheers Mac and Gail, love looking at your horses for sale site all good types, my friend Bob Neil speaks very highly of you both hope to catch up with you one day.

  23. Di Morris says:

    Hello Gayle and Mac.
    QRRRWN is an organisation you may be aware of We are hosting the annual conference in Biloela 3 rd 4 th and 5 th September. Gayle are you available to speak at this conference?

  24. kerry scott says:

    I volunteer at the information centre (which houses the free justice of the peace service)..It is a sunny day here in Perth ..just saying hello..your story has always interested me probably because I loved Elizabeth O’Connor’s books on life in the Queensland outback

  25. ian kirkpatrick says:

    Hi,Gayle on 24/11/99 I took up tractor wrestling and came off second best, by far.You were and am my inspiration and I hope you are as well as I. I thought I was a tough old B but have found out different but at 68 and I can’t complain.kind regards Ian K.

  26. Kylie Twohill says:

    Hi Gayle and Mac

    I have often wondered how you are both going. Yes you would know the
    last, that is because i am 1 of Kelly’s cousins.

  27. Fiona says:

    Hi Gayle and Mac, I’m a nurse who delivers education sessions on brachial plexus injury to junior nurses. I always mention your inspirational story. Thank you and I would love to hear how you are doing. Take care, Fiona

  28. Shaun Messer says:

    Hi Gayle. Hi Mac.

    I just wanted to let you know that ever since I first heard your story, I think about you both often and check the ‘net regularly for news on how things are going for you. And every time my wife & I are out working on the farm, we try very hard to keep in front of mind the lessons we’ve learned from your hard-fought experiences.

    Best wishes

  29. Dyan Hughes says:

    First class website; top marks for the horses, cattle, people & captivating photos.

  30. Chud & Laura Dennis says:

    Congratulations on an amazing website! Together, you two are such an inspirational team, you must be so proud of what you have accomplished. We love our Daddy filly! Photos are beautiful. Your passion is clear, watch this space!! Chud & Laura xox

  31. Mel Sheard says:

    Hello Gayle and Mac, just googled you and found this website. Very nice, interesting to learn about how the Droughtmaster came to be. Hope you are both well, Mel x

  32. Julie Fletcher says:

    Hi there Gayle, Lovely website!! Hope all is well at your end. JFxx

  33. Ben & Cheri says:

    Hi Mac & Gayle,
    What a beautiful website you have created! Such lovely photos. Congratulations on having such a nice team of horses!

  34. Michael Tos says:

    Hi Gale & Mac
    Gale it has been many yrs since i’ve seen you. Spent many school holidays at the valley together & in Tville. Glad to see you’re both doing well. Happy new yr.
    Michael Toms

  35. Donna says:

    OMD looks great, looking forward to the day when we can send a mare or 2. Had a good friend who saw him at Quirindi, and he said he was “the best cut of a colt he had seen in a long time” and that just confirmed our decision for when we breed outside next. His foals look very neat.

  36. Baylie says:

    I’m new to Australia I miss the horse business. I was browsing through and seen yours. I’m in love with your horses and what you do with them! This is a very nice site thanks for sharing.

  37. Tania Earle (nee Toms) says:

    Hey Gayle,so good to see you this site is awesome, you are often in my thoughts, would love to catch up again one day, hows Kyles doing? If anyone was going to get through this it was going to be you! I can remember when you were younger you wouldn’t let anyone tell you no! Love ya.

  38. Mirandah says:

    hey Gayley, just found your site through add for omd, its great to see you guys going so well, you are often in my thoughts Gayle, we’d love to catch up sometime, as well as with that Kylie girl ๐Ÿ™‚ …
    Love M

  39. Bev says:

    We watched “your story” DVD in a Uni tutorial, today, and we were touch by your story, your lives, and the way you have overcome the obstacles, to live your dream. With love and best wishes

  40. Sharon says:

    Hi guys, I am a nurse that grew up in a rural town in Tassie & have worked in a variety of different areas from the desert with indigenous people to other remote locations around Australia & overseas. I am now trying to help students at University who are studying allied health subjects to get a grasp on rural and remote primary and public health care. In our tutorials this week we are watching your story, ‘With this ring’ and the students then discuss it and answer questions. What I really want to get across to them is how versatile and resilient rural people are. No doubt Mac hasn’t been trained as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist yet he fulfils those roles whilst caring for you. Things folk in the city take for granted, they just pop along to the medical centre. I am interested to know if where you live has a heated pool you are able to use all year round for rehab & pain relief. I personally believe Australia’s true heroes are the farmers & those living in remote areas who don’t have access to all the services we have, yet you never hear them complain. Yours truly is a beautiful story of love & commitment & one that is inspiring many people. Lastly when watching your story it reminded me of how much God cares for us that even though this tragic accident happened you had a neighbour who was able to assist you in such an amazing way it was miraculous. To be able to think clearly & act appropriately in such a situation shows more than what nursing training can give you, God surely sent her to you and worked through her to save your life. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and to many future allied health professionals.

  41. Kali Wilde says:

    Hi Mac and Gayle,
    You visited me in my tiny flat in Bellevue Hill not long after Gayle’s accident.

    Great website. Well presented and worded. Very professional!



  42. Dave Winter says:

    Hey Mac & Gayle, awesome website! I watched your colt at Warwick and don’t think there is any better about. I am looking forward to breeding one and hopefully purchasing one for a stockmen’s challenge’s and a drafting horse. If you could let me know if a nice filly becomes available.
    Best regards,
    Dave Winter

  43. Jodie Guerrero says:

    Hi Gayle & Mac, I love your Australian story and the beauty of recovery and your journey. I too have an amazing health journey and would love to connect with Gayle somehow. My website is – I am friends with some of the Australlian story crew. It is great to talk to our women who have a story to share. Blessings 2 U….Jodie Guerrero (

  44. Leanne says:

    Hi. I am someone obsessed with other people’s amazing lives and read autobiographies all the time. You both fall into the category of an amazing life and if you ever put pen to paper I would love to read your story over and over.


  45. kristen & hannah says:

    WOW, what a great website! Some beautiful horses!

  46. Mick Gittens says:

    Gday Mac & Gayle great site. Would like to thankyou for the use of omd as a trophie cut out prize for Clermont gold cup.I think any body would love to win this as he is a real champ and so are you both.Regards Mick Gittens

  47. Sal McKeering says:

    Great website, had not been on for a while and wanted to see all the new foals. You have sold some very nice young geldings too. Very proud of you both and also your achievements for 2010. Love big Sis.

  48. kell and cameron bond says:

    wonderful website and some magnificent progeny by a horse putting the runs on the board. great heads, refined fronts and super hind leg. bet they are winners. must breed a mare next year!
    cheers kel and bondy

  49. Jodie Arthur says:

    Hi Gail and Mac. Gail, I am not sure if you remember new from rocky grammar. You are often in my thoughts. I think you are an amazing person. Best of luck for you and Mac in the future. xx

  50. Ashley Smith says:

    Hi Mac and Gayle. congratulations on the good results on the southern run at the drafts. Daddy is racking up the good runs this year. And especially a big congratulations on a fine sale result at the MAGS sale aswell. They were an impresive line up of bulls. Keep up the good work. And a very great job done on the web site.
    Cheers Ashley and Kerri

  51. Necia Creighton says:

    My family was up at Warwick on the seekend and we watched One Moore Daddy have his runs. We were very impressed and would love to breed to him in the future. He had the most lovely head carriage and looked amazing. We don’t have many horses and are committed to breeding elsewhere this year but we sill definitely love to breed to him later on. I love the website, it looks great. Congratulations on having such a lovely horse.

  52. Ros Welsh says:

    Hello Gayle and Mac. My name is Ros and I work for Child protection in Melbourne in the after hours service, and have done so for the past 15 years.
    Sometimes late at night, I get the opportunity to watch Australian Story on my computer, listening in on my littel earplugs.
    Tonight, I watched your story (again!) Over the years I have watched it a couple of times and have wondered how you are getting on. Seeing this website is testament to what an amazing person you must be and what a great fella you have in mac. I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for 25 years, and although we have not had to face anything like what you two have – whenever I see your story, I am reminded how lucky we are to find true love and to be loved in return.

    I wish you all the best in the future on your wonderful property with your lovely horses.

    Kind regards
    Ros Welsh

  53. Nathan Cusack says:

    Wonderful to see an impeccably bred stallion that is really starting to put the runs on the board, but still reasonably priced. I am impressed by OMD and cant wait to breed to him. COngratulations on a great site and best of luck, will catch up soon.

  54. Amber Henwood says:

    Hi Gayle
    Congratulations on a great website, good band of mares and loveley stallion. OMD foals are beautiful types.

  55. Danielle Simms says:

    Daddy & his foals look very nice!!

  56. Jack and Yas says:

    Hey Mac and Gayle,
    looks like Wal knows his stuff. Congratulations

  57. Melissa Salmond says:

    Hey Mac & Gayle,

    Love the photos on your web page.
    Looks great… just having a squiz at OMD progeny too ๐Ÿ™‚

    All the best
    Mel xo

  58. Amy Law says:

    Hey Mac & Gayle
    I love sneaking a peek at the site to see how everyone’s going. So glad to see everything is going well with One Moore Daddy and Cantaur Park. The new site looks great too! ๐Ÿ™‚


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